Does Invisalign® Really Work?

added on: January 19, 2021

Customized Clear Aligners for Beverly Hills Smiles

At Beverly Hills Boutique Dental Care, we provide you with convenient, expertly guided orthodontic care for your smile backed by years of experience. The Beverly Hills crowd knows where to go for a straighter, healthier smile in as little as six months to a year, with Invisalign clear aligner therapy. It’s a widely popular, sought-after alternative to traditional metal braces that can give teens and adults the perfect teeth they’ve always wanted.

How Can I Benefit from Invisalign?

Our Beverly Hills patients love Invisalign for the same reasons it is so popular across America, because it’s less obvious that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Instead of metal brackets and wires, clear, BPA-free plastic aligners are used to gradually move teeth to a more optimal position. They are custom-fitted for comfort and are swapped out every two weeks for your next set. We use innovative technology to determine their best fit and the most effective way to straighten your smile. Patients are able to see each stage individually for a clearer understanding of how orthodontic treatment like this works so well.

How Will Invisalign Change My Daily Routine?

One of the reasons why our patients come to our dental office in Beverly Hills is to consult with our orthodontist about their candidacy for Invisalign. They love how well it fits with their busy lifestyle with minimal impact or inconveniences that make you change how you approach life. You wear your Invisalign clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day. Brushing and flossing is made extra easy, because you can simply take the aligner out and go about your normal oral hygiene routine. (Keeping the aligners clean is simple too. Just brush and rinse them in lukewarm water.) Forget about food restrictions too. Every time you sit down to enjoy an elegant meal with friends, you can take your aligner out and enjoy without worry.

If you’re like the other millions of Americans out there right now considering Invisalign treatment for yourself, take the time to talk to us. There’s never any pressure, just answers to your questions and some direction to guide you down the path to a straighter smile and optimal oral health.

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