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When Dr. Lynn Lempert opened Beverly Hills Boutique Dental Care in 2018, she did so with teens, adults, and parents in mind. She was already a local dentist known for her gentle, fun-loving pediatric care, but the more she listened and heard from parents, they wanted a Beverly Hills dental office where they felt just as comfortable and cared for as their kids. That’s why we’re here and welcome you to exceptional dentistry designed to be convenient and compassionate for all. We invite you to look around, and take some time to really get to know your new family at Beverly Hills Boutique Dental Care.

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Dr. Lynn Lempert had been working in dentistry for decades, keeping teeth healthy for younger patients in Beverly Hills before providing a space dedicated to parents’ smile care needs and goals. She created Beverly Hills Boutique Dental Care with you in mind, carefully selecting our highly-skilled team of dental professionals:

Our entire team treats every patient with empathy, using our training in all aspects of the craft of dentistry to perfect your dental health based on realistic values and strong work ethic.

Meet Your Dental Team

We’re not going to pretend that all patients are excited to see they have a dental appointment coming up on their calendar. The entire team at Beverly Hills Boutique Dental Care has been there with patients before, apprehensive and nervous about seeing the dentist. You’ll find choosing us as your Beverly Hills dentist comes with a special commitment to providing you with compassionate, honest dental care. Every doctor, dental assistant, dental hygienist, or office team member loves what they do because we take pride in helping you with state-of-the-art dentistry rooted in high-quality experience, expertise, and pure-hearted personality.

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Every aspect of Beverly Hills Boutique Dental Care is carefully designed to lend to the overall patient experience, one that leaves a lasting, positive impression for all the right reasons. We go out of our way to accommodate and comfort you no matter what the reason for your visit. We’re extremely up-to-date with the very latest in dental technology and trends to be your reliable, dependable dentist in Beverly Hills. From high-tech digital x-rays and panoramic scans to advanced laser dentistry — there’s so much to experience that will change the way you feel about smile care. Will you join us?

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